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Summer School 2023
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Modern techniques for gravity field recovery

25. - 29. September 2023

TerraQ Summer School


We invite up to 30 M.Sc. and PhD students, to attend the 1st TerraQ Summer School on Modern techniques for gravity field recovery hosted at Leibniz University Hannover. The lectures, delivered by experts in the fields of Gravity Field Recovery, Relativistic Geodesy Terrestrial Gravimetry and Applications and Future Missions, aim at preparing the next generation of young researchers in these fields.

Accommodation as well as participation is free of charge for the selected attendees.

Topics Covered

  • Gravity Field Recovery
  • Gravity Field Recovery from Space
  • Relativistic Geodesy
  • Terrestrial Gravimetry
  • Applications and Future Missions

Registration Deadline: Friday, 4. August 2023.


2024 will bring another TerraQ Summer School! So please stay tuned at Events – SFB1464: TerraQ


TerraQ Office
TerraQ Office
25. Sep. - 29. Sep. 2023

Leibniz Universität Hannover